Are You Mild or Wild?

Are You Mild or Wild?

Rebel Rabbit Seltzers are made with all-natural ingredients, making this low-calorie sipper, delicious and without the terrible side effects of alcohol. Turn up the relaxation with no regrets!

We provide a hydrating experience, infused with the chill vibes of Delta 8. Don’t know which drink to try first - let us help!

We made our "Mild Hare" High Seltzer with only 10mg of D8 for those looking for a relaxing time. It's the same great taste but packs a little less punch per can than our original "Wild Hare" High Seltzer with 20mg of D8.

Our "Mild Hare" High Seltzers are the best for a daytime BBQ, beach and lake days, or even a tailgate,. They are a great option to have you feeling comfortably high in no time, but not too strong where you feel overwhelmed.

For non-smokers, cannabis can be hard to enjoy, especially if edibles or smoking buds are intimidating or not your style. With our high seltzers, they are more accommodating and an excellent way to enjoy the effects of cannabis conveniently, and enjoyably. 

It’s not always the most appropriate thing to light up a joint at an event where everyone is drinking alcohol, but you’ll fit right in sippin’ on a seltzer like everyone else. The best part - NO HANGOVERS!

It’s the best feeling waking up and being able to continue your day without feeling overwhelming nausea and brain fog. Having fun without the consequences seems almost too good to be true, we know, but that’s just the way we roll!

Have a little more experience with THC? Then go for the full strength "Wild Hare" High Seltzer with the same all-natural ingredients but with 20mg of D8. We understand that everyone has a different tolerance, and we are here to accommodate everyone.

Our flavor line-up is expanding, but right now we offer delicious grapefruit and mandarin orange.

For seasoned cannabis users, Rebel Rabbit High Seltzers are another bonus of the legal cannabis industry and this summer’s new and cool way to get high! 

Don’t believe us? Try for yourself! Rebel Rabbit High Seltzers at your next social gathering.  

Welcome to Rebel Rabbit Seltzer, the better way to booze.

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