About Us

Finding a “better way to booze

We don’t understand why “drinking” only includes alcohol…. Our Mission is to change the culture around “drinking".

Rebel Rabbit Seltzer was founded in 2021 to help you reimagine relaxation. We offer spectacularly delicious, non-alcoholic seltzers infused with Delta 8, a Federally legal form of THC known for good times, chill vibes, and no hangovers. We created this seltzer for anyone looking to cut back on the alcohol and its health implications while still having fun, connecting with friends, and drinking socially.

Founded in Greenville, South Carolina, we have remained steadfast in our mission to create innovative solutions to substance abuse while creating a delicious product that is bursting with flavor and promotes great times with good friends. Backed by our passion for creating products and solution that lead to healthier living, harm reduction, and improved mental health, Rebel Rabbit Seltzer is the perfect solution for those who want to cut back on drinking but not on fun.

All the fun. None of the hangover.

Listen, we’re going to level with you: Life isn’t all kittens, cupcakes, and rainbows. Every single one of us will have our share of hard days, tough circumstances, and difficult decisions. There will be moments that will challenge our resolve and max our stress levels – and our job is to find healthy, positive, and harmless ways to make our way through those times and reconnect with the wonderful things life has to offer.

Now, look – we’re not going to hate on splitting a case with your buddies after work, doing shots with coworkers at happy hour, or snagging a pint from the liquor store on your way home after a long day. We’re not even saying that you have to give up drinking...

...what we are saying is that there is another, better, healthier way to kick back, relax, and find your chill.

Follow the Rabbit and Join the Movement

Rebel Rabbit Seltzer is more than just a delicious High-Seltzer that offers total refreshment and relaxation – it is a movement. We are passionate about providing good, hard-working, law-abiding people with access to all-natural, high-quality, and totally legal THC beverages that escape the over-zealous and over-regulating hands of the government. We believe in having fun, chilling out, and harming no one – period.

Welcome to a new way to find your chill. Welcome to Rebel Rabbit Seltzer.