A euphoric buzz

Rebel rabbit cannabis-infused seltzers are dosed to elevate any experience

The Rebels Have Spoken

  • The Best

    As a non drinker these have been amazing!!! I cant keep them in my fridge, my friends drink them up as well. The flavors are all delic ❤️

    - Kelli E

  • Best seltzers on the market

    These seltzers taste great and have the perfect amount of THC. They make me feel uplifted and give me a great case of the giggles!

    - Virginia T

  • Awesome! Highly recommend rebel rabbit.

    I'm a lightweight when it comes to THC, so my wife & I can split one and it still feels great (we also sleep excellently that night). When we each have one, I'm like on a whole 'nother planet.. but it still feels awesome! I highly recommend Rebel Rabbit!!

    - Josh P

  • The flavors are fantastic...

    The flavors are fantastic and the buzz is on point. I've tried a bunch of other Delta 9 drinks but I always come back to Rebel Rabbit.

    - Jennifer H

  • The best in the market

    I recently cut out smoking to improve my health and these seltzers are the best in the market, i've tried them all.

    - Sebastien

  • No better way to unwind after a long day

    No better way to unwind after work and/or after putting the kiddo down for bed. stress alleviated. Fully relaxed. best sleep i've ever had.

    - William H

How will it make me feel?

The Rebel within.

What's inside?

What does canabis-infused mean?

To get the goods in our high seltzers, we extract the D9 THC compound from the cannabis plant and add it to our all natural mix. THC is the naturally occurring compound in the plant that gives you a euphoric high.

Are cannabis-infused seltzers legal?

100% yes. The Delta 9 cannabinoid is federally legal in all 50 states as declared by the 2018 Farm Bill.

How will it make me feel?

Depending on your relationship with cannabis, experiences will differ. Our Rebel Regulars describe the experience as a light euphoric buzz. But for more details, check out our FAQs.

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