Rebel Rabbit Story

A rebellious buzz

Let’s be real, we all need to kick back and relax every now and then. how you choose to do that is totally up to you.

We’re shaking up the scene, adding more variety to “drinking” with a fun, safe and totally legal alternative to booze. whatever you’re seeking - sobriety, ditching the hangover or just more choice - we offer a rebellious approach to drinking because at rebel rabbit, you do you.

Whether it’s a solo mission, kickin' it with the gang, or letting loose after a long week, our high seltzers come with a fun and easy buzz to elevate your experiences.


It all started in Greenville, South Carolina back in 2021 when our founders Pierce and Billy were at a party. neither of them were drinking alcohol that night and both felt the social pressure to “drink”. but why was alcohol the only option? That’s when the idea of rebellion was stoked. Rebel Rabbit was born to create drinks for those that wanted to cut back on booze, but not on fun.

Driven by a mission for healthier living and breaking down the expectant culture around alcohol, rebel rabbit was ignited with a vision to reinvent social “drinking” and reinvent relaxation. whatever floats your boat.

rebel rabbit high seltzers are more than just a refreshing beverage, they’re part of a movement.

Welcome to a new way to find your chill. welcome to rebel rabbit seltzer.