Why We Made Rebel Rabbit

Why Did We Make Rebel Rabbit? 

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For the cofounders of Rebel Rabbit, Pierce and Billy, creating an alternative to alcohol wasn’t just about satisfying a craving, it was about fulfilling a need that they couldn’t find elsewhere. As avid cannabis enthusiasts, they recognized the lack of socially acceptable consumption options. 🌱

Billy made the choice to leave alcohol behind over two years ago, but the stigma and pressure he faced at social events were real. It was in those moments of feeling out of place that the idea sparked 💥 – why not create something that allows us to blend in while staying true to ourselves? 💡And thus, their vision was born. ✨

They wanted a beverage that allowed them to blend in seamlessly while enjoying their preferred choice. To create a space where individuals like themselves could feel comfortable, where enjoying cannabis isn’t met with judgment but rather embraced as a lifestyle. 😌

Now, as they sip on their meticulously crafted beverages, they’re not just toasting to their love for cannabis, but to the freedom of choice and the courage to pave their own path. So here’s to celebrating liberation from societal constraints and embracing our authenticity.🥂Cheers to breaking barriers and creating a world where everyone can raise a glass, filled with their favorite blend! 🐇🌱

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