Variety Pack - Delta-9 Seltzers - 10mg

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Grapefruit Delta-9 Seltzer - 10mg
Lemon Lime Delta-9 Seltzer - 10mg
Mandarin Orange Delta-9 Seltzer - 10mg
Variety Pack - Delta-9 Seltzers - 10mg
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The full strength WILD HARE is all natural and infused with 10MG of D9 THC.

Made for the cannabis renegades, this low calorie sipper lets you turn up the relaxation. Great for those looking for a little more buzz.

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Rise above the status quo.

Alcohol is the expected and accepted go-to for unwinding or letting loose. But we’re here to shake that up and challenge the buzz around booze. Whether you’re choosing complete alcohol abstinence or seeking an alternative, we offer a new way to elevate your experiences.

At Rebel Rabbit we’re creating a culture free of social-pressure or judgement, because you do you.